Attendance Is Important
Members who regularly attend club meetings benefit from the personal and professional relationships they form. Your regular attendance also strengthens our club through fellowship and “service above self.”

“Make-Up” Attendance At Another Club
Should you miss, or know you are going to miss, a meeting of our club, you can earn a “make-up” by attending a meeting at another club 14 days prior to or following our club’s regular meeting. Make-ups at several of the other Forsyth County clubs will be automatically reported by the respective club secretaries to our club. An attendance form certifying your make-up at another club meeting may be downloaded here.

Payment For Meals At Club Meetings
Payment for meals is also handled by the clubs. Therefore, if you attend the meeting of anotherForsyth County club, you need not pay separately. However, when making-up at out of town meetings you will be expected to pay the meal charge of the club whose meeting you are attending.

Attendance Credit For Community Involvement
Participation in certain community activities may also be used as “make-up” for meetings. The required form may be downloaded here.  It provides additional details related to the activities that qualify for credit.  All requests for credit are subject to the approval of the Attendance Committee.

Make-up Attendance In Another City Or Country
If you attend club meetings in another city or country, the website, gives you the names and meeting dates, times and locations of Rotary clubs in the area you will be visiting. It is also possible to complete a make-up on-line at ECLUB ONE – WELCOME.

Exchanging Flags With Other Clubs
It is customary to exchange club flags with any club you visit, especially those in other countries.
A Winston-Salem Rotary Club flag may be obtained before your trip. Flags received from other clubs should be presented to our club for display after you return.